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Arizona has many jewelers who are very famous in making custom jewelry. They have the specialty of making any Jewelry like Lynette Andreasen. She is a Metalsmith living in Arizona. Her piece of work is so famous that you can see her art of making jewelry in the exhibition galleries across all the United States.

 A little time ago her art was published in the 500 Silver Jewelry designs and 500 Necklaces books from Lark Publications.  Andersen has also given her Metalsmith and jewelry classes at Arizona State University and became more famous.

Lynette Andreasen Jewelry Artist
Diamond Ring By  Jewellery Artists

There are many other artists available in Arizona who can design custom jewelry like no one have ever seen. You can find these artists anywhere in Phoenix, Sedona, Scottsdale, etc.

Designing custom jewelry has a very good market in Arizona and people always shows interest in making jewelry from these well-known artists.

There are many artists available who specializes in making Native American Jewellery. Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, etc., these all are included in this category.


Native American Jewelry reflects the art of its makers with very sound culture diversity. Many tribal groups have copied the designs and because of this, Indian American Jewelry has made its path for getting love from everywhere.

Native American Jewelry can be made from metals, hardwood, high and low valuable gemstones, using the teeth and bones of animals. Jewelry Artists in Arizona have the quality to make charming jewelry, and no one can deny this fact. Read More

Native American Jewelry Artists