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Arizona Jewelry Artists

Everyone knows that "Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend!" Nonetheless, this is not to say that the rest of the precious stones do not wow her very imagination. From engagement and wedding rings to one-of-a-kind pendants, to impeccable watches and gauges, the Valley of the Sun, is not short of its fair share of sparkle. 

Simply put it, you need it, they’ve got it! Whether you are looking to surprise someone with a worthwhile gift or looking to give yourself a treat with a special piece that perfectly complements your wardrobe, budget, and even lifestyle, below are 11 local Arizona Jewelers you need to pay a visit to.

1. Schmitt Jewelers

Arizona Jewelry Artists

Every moment is unique but only a few last a lifetime. Make your one among those few wit...

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Charles Loloma: Jewelry Artist

Charles Loloma was born on seventh January 1921 near the little village of Hotevilla on the Third Mesa of the Hopi Reservation. His parents were Rex and Rachael Loloma who raised him following traditional ways of life, and this made him grow to become one of the best AZ artists. He started his studies at the Hotevilla Day School and later attended Hopi High School.

He also studied at the Phoenix Indian School, where he graduated in the year 1940. While still schooling, he worked under a famous artist known as Fred Kabotie who selected him to assist in the production of the Awatovi murals for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He also served in the army where immediately after his discharge in 1942 he marrie...

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Arizona Jewelry Artists

Many AZ artists have an interesting life story, but none compares to the life of the talented Tri B. Huynh. This skilled artist based in Arizona specializes in custom jewelry making. A discussion on his jewelry, style, and achievements will be included in the article. First and most importantly comes his incredible life story.

Tri B. Huynh Biography

Early Life Huynh's life story began on July 13th, 1965. Born during a time of war, his family consisted of himself, his father, mother, and two older siblings. Tragically, before Huynh even turned a year old, his father was killed in South Korea during the Second Indochina War.

 He fled Vietnam in 1987, crossing the border into Cambodia. 1987 was also the year he began ...