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Purchasing The Perfect Engagement Ring In AZ

Once a man has found his everlasting love, the next step is putting a ring on the finger. If he wants to be super romantic, the proposal will need to be a complete surprise. That includes planning the location, preparing his speech, and of course buying the ring.

For soon-to-be-engaged men living in Arizona or the surrounding states, these AZ jewelry shopping tips will be useful.

Tip #1 - Stay Calm And Plan

The next few months after she says yes will feel like the blur of overwhelming stress and happiness at the same time. There is no need to rush the shopping process. Men should take their time to research before buying the first beautiful ring they see.

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Things To Consider Before Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry shopping tips don't just pertain to purchasing accessories. Sometimes gold jewelry owners may need to shop for a buyer. Individuals who have gold jewelry just sitting in a drawer will want to consider selling their pieces. They can then use the money they make to buy wearable treasures they'll use. Before selling to the first buyer, it's a good idea to have a look at these jewelry shopping tips. These are things to consider and selling practices to get the biggest return on any gold jewelry collection. 

1. Post The Gold Online

Taking to Craigslist or eBay can give a seller access to more than just the typical buyer. Jewelry collectors, restorers, and re-sellers monitor the online marke...

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Jewelry Shopping Tips For Building A Native American Collection


Almost every indigenous people of the Americas used turquoise in their jewelry. For some Native American tribes, the tradition goes back over a thousand years. Southwestern jewelry makers copied the practice and in the 1970's had trouble filling the demand for turquoise jewelry. By the end of the seventies, the trend began to trickle off as most fads do.

The buyers of that day didn’t have access to the internet and jewelry shopping tips were obscure. Many purchasers would pay the same dollar amount today that they did for their turquoise jewelry back then. Considering inflation, it wasn't a good investment of their finances. Collecting jewelry from the late 1800s to th...

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Best Jewelry Shopping Tips

The best jewelry shopping tips for getting accessories from a particular Native American tribe are here.

Tip 1- Know the history behind the artists

Tip 2- Buy from someone who belongs to the shopper's tribe of choice

Tip 3- Buy from a vendor who has recognized certifications

These jewelry shopping tips are easy to master and even more are contained in the entire article. Below is an overview of four Southwestern tribes and information on their unique jewelry styles. Knowing about their histories and employing the jewelry shopping tips included will make any shopper more confident.

Ancient Zuni Jewelry Customs

By: support | July 27, 2016

Native American Jewelry is known for its rugged use of precious metal and colorful gemstones. Unfortunately, many brand name manufacturers copied the original style and made their own, calling it "Native American Jewelry." Although there's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the natives, it is false advertising to imply it's from native origins. Over the years collectors have been saddened to find out the custom jewelry they purchased for their collection was fake. Native American turquoise belts have sold for as much as twenty-five thousand dollars. Imagine finding out is wasn't real! No one wants that this happens to them. This article will cover shopping tips to differentiate real native jewelry from fake.