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By: support | August 01, 2016

Best Jewelry Shopping Tips

The best jewelry shopping tips for getting accessories from a particular Native American tribe are here.

Tip 1- Know the history behind the artists

Tip 2- Buy from someone who belongs to the shopper's tribe of choice

Tip 3- Buy from a vendor who has recognized certifications

These jewelry shopping tips are easy to master and even more are contained in the entire article. Below is an overview of four Southwestern tribes and information on their unique jewelry styles. Knowing about their histories and employing the jewelry shopping tips included will make any shopper more confident.

Ancient Zuni Jewelry Customs

By: support | July 27, 2016

Native American Jewelry is known for its rugged use of precious metal and colorful gemstones. Unfortunately, many brand name manufacturers copied the original style and made their own, calling it "Native American Jewelry." Although there's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the natives, it is false advertising to imply it's from native origins. Over the years collectors have been saddened to find out the custom jewelry they purchased for their collection was fake. Native American turquoise belts have sold for as much as twenty-five thousand dollars. Imagine finding out is wasn't real! No one wants that this happens to them. This article will cover shopping tips to differentiate real native jewelry from fake.


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