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Golddoorgallery.com helps you figure out how to buy gold & silver jewelry or custom jewelry in Arizona, and you will find lots of information about Custom jewelry, Jewelry shopping tips, Living in the Sedona area, and Arizona jewelry artists.

The jewelry artists produce custom jewelry pieces based on the commissioned order they receive from clients. Usually, people place an order for engagement rings or wedding bands, but other items can be created such as a friendship or anniversary rings, necklaces, bracelets, and matching earrings, etc. There are many jewelry smiths or jewelry artists in Arizona that design custom handmade jewelry. The design and materials of the jewelry meet industry standards which satisfy all the requirements of customers.

Golddoorgallery.com site also gives shopping tips for custom jewelry or handmade jewelry. For buying and selling the jewelry, it is important to understand all the points and the value of the jewelry so nobody will mislead you. One should be an educated buyer or sellers when dealing with precious stones, gold, and silver. To become an educated buyer or sellers visiting multiple stores, learning about the market and the value of the metals will be a good start.

In Arizona, many jewelry artists design using various metals or traditional gold jewelry, some have the privilege to work under some famous jewelers in places like Scottsdale, Arizona: Farrar Jewelers, London Gold, Joseph Schubach Jewelers, Claudia’s, Cornelis Hollander. These Jewelers specialize in making the jewelry with their custom designs.

One of the famous jewelry makers is Lynette Andreasen who is famous as a metalsmith and makes custom jewelry and is from Arizona. Lynette Andreasen published in 500 Silver Jewelry designs and 500 Necklace books from Lark Publications.

Arizona artists specialized in making the native American jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, etc., all the jewelry designed in this category.

Here you will get all the relevant information of custom jewelry, handmade jewelry, jewelry artists, etc. And we are happy to see you!