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AZ Artists Spotlight- Tri “Billie” B. Huynh

Many AZ artists have an interesting life story, but none compares to the life of the talented Tri B. Huynh. This skilled artist based in Arizona specializes in custom jewelry making. A discussion on his jewelry, style, and achievements will be included in the article. First and most importantly comes his incredible life story.

AZ Jewelry Artists – Tri B. Huynh Biography

Early life, Huynh’s life story began on July 13th, 1965. Born during a time of war, his family consisted of himself, his father, mother, and two older siblings. Tragically, before Huynh even turned a year old, his father was killed in South Korea during the Second Indochina War.

He fled Vietnam in 1987, crossing the border into Cambodia. 1987 was also the year he began his training in jewelry. Later he would enter Thailand, where he would wait two and a half years to leave.

Billie AZ artists

During those two years, he continued training to be a jeweler. While in the refugee camp, he opened a small jewelry repair shop. Their tools were sparse, so he had to be cunning, working with scraps.

Life After Thailand

In 1990, he left Cambodia as a refugee to come to live in the United States. He was twenty-five years old when he started his new life in Southern California. To better his communication skills, he enrolled in college. He was majoring in English as well as other general studies.

Two years into his college education, Huynh realized his heart wasn’t at Mount San Antonio College, it was in jewelry. He dropped out and enrolled himself into Jewelry Institute. The road ahead would not be easy for him. While completing his studies as a jeweler, he would have to support himself.

Working full time while going to school full time is never easy, but Huynh persisted. This is where his passion was. This is where he had the experience. This is what he was destined to do.

He graduated in 1993 and began his career as a professional jeweler in California. He was hired by Rhonda Fine Jewelry in El Toro. The location inside Laguna Hills Mall still exists today, but goes by the name “Swiss Watch Gallery.”

Before Becoming One Of The Most Respected AZ Artists

Huynh left California for Arizona after marrying his wife, Cambinh, and having their first baby. He spent fifteen years working at a jewelry store, all the while saving to open his own business. When he felt he had enough experience, he left to pursue his dream of being a business owner.

Billie’s Life Today

Despite the challenges he faced as a child, Tri B. Huynh is now a successful artist and family man. He and his wife together have three children, Leslie, Billie, and Anderson. Huynh started his jewelry store known as “Billie’s Custom Jewelers.”

Instead of working with makeshift tools, he now owns the state-of-the-art equipment. His clients can come to him with a design idea, and he can bring it to life. His laser welder and computer-aided design software are his tools of choice.

Even the best of equipment won’t make one a successful jewelry maker. He is one of the AZ artists whose creativity, persistence and skill have made his business legend.

His Artistry

In addition to being one of the most famous AZ artists for custom designed jewelry, he also does repairs. He enjoys preserving a family’s history by restoring heirlooms to good condition. His attention to detail and desire to please set his artwork above most other local AZ artists.