Custom Jewelers in Arizona

10 Custom Jewelry Makers And Stores in Arizona, US

Different pieces of jewelry particularly engagement rings are usually small but valuable. You can customize the jewelry you want to buy to suit your needs thanks to jewelers in Arizona. 

All you need to do is to visit any of the jewelers that offer such specialist services. If you are interested in customizing jewelry, then this guide gives you details about reputable jewelers who provide such services.

One thing you should always remember is that custom orders usually take time to make. There are many things involved when designing and producing customized items. With the Christmas season around the corner, demand for personalized jewelry can increase hence the need to place your orders now. 

Here are 10 jewelry creators that are based in AZ ready to help you:

1. Joe Schubach

Joseph Schubach Jewelers is the real deal for all your jewelry needs. For more than 100 years now, the Schubach family operates in the jewelry industry. The company has always been committed to offering customers the best service in fine jewelry.

Joseph Schubach who is the grandson of the founders of Joseph Schubach Jewelers continues to offer first-class services to different customers. He provides classic diamonds and other fashionable gemstones while you enjoy complete peace of mind.
You may also be interested in knowing how other customers feel about the customized pieces they have successfully ordered from Schubach. According to almost all customer reviews, Joseph Schubach Jewelers offers fantastic jewelry by appointment at his Scottsdale showroom.
Alternatively, you can also get full online service from any part of the globe. The maker offers customized services to different clients from the whole globe, and the shipping method they use is FedEx.
However, one thing that you should remember is that Schubach has no specified refund or return policy. If you want to get more details about return policies, you can reach out to him directly upon placement of your order.

 2. Colette Keller

Colette Keller runs Kooky Kool Kreations, and she is a graduate of Arizona State University and holds a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art. She is a creative designer who always prides on the quality of her work. She always strives to make sure that the customer gets more than their expectations.
Colette says that she has been involved in the arts industry for an extended period and she trusts using her hands and mind when designing something. She takes your ideas when you want a custom item then improves them to come up with an intimate piece.
You cannot cancel custom projects once the proposal has been finalized and agreed upon by the customer. To avoid disappointing yourself, make sure that you have all the details about the piece of jewelry that you want to be designed for you.
Keller ships within the United States and internationally using the US postal service. Many customers who have worked with Colette Keller recommend that she is a great designer and a joy to work with.

3. Stacy Godfrey

Image: Stacy Godfrey Pinterest

Stacy Godfrey operates MadiJAXmetal in Maricopa Arizona, and she creates outstanding pieces of custom jewelry. She creates different types of jewelry that includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other custom jewelry from raw materials.

All the pieces she makes are unique, and they are made from precious stone that has to be ordered somewhere.  The main advantage of working with Stacy is that she can accommodate the views of the buyer.

Shipping of finished products is available for every place, and she charges a fee of $4.95 in the US and $9.95 in other areas. In case of loss of the item, the customer gets a refund, and all shipping takes place within 24 hours. You can get a refund if you feel that the custom item does not suit your expectations but the costs for transportation and materials are yours.

Stacey is a professional jeweler who always meets the needs of the customers. Delivery is fast, and she is a beautiful person to work with according to reviews of other satisfied previous customers.

4. Leander D’Ambrosia

Leander D’Ambrosia is an Australian, and she operates Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables in Tucson, Arizona. She is pursuing a career as a designer and shop owner. She uses her hands and mind to design creative pieces of jewelry that appeal to the interests of many people.

Leander is passionate about sustainable, creative, and ethical art. She uses 100% recycled metals in designing her jewelry. The material she uses is often seen as waste, but her desire to protect the environment drives her to use sustainable resources to create value out of them. Her passion for art drives by the love of the natural environment.

Leander serves the global market and shipping prices in the USA are $6 while it costs $13 everywhere else. However, the maker’s policies are not specified; hence you can contact her directly if you need any clarification.

Almost all customer reviews show that Leander is a professional person and she is also wonderful to work with. She can accommodate you, so you always get custom items that meet or exceed your expectations.

5. Nadina Giurgiu

Nadina Giurgiu owns and operates Nadine Jewelry in Dordrecht, Arizona. The company offers a variety of jewelry that includes the following: Custom Birthstone Rings, Personalized Mothers’ Rings, Bold Stackable Rings as well as personalized gemstone rings. Nadina also works with recycled gold and sterling silver.

Nadina says that she has confidence in her brand and she also proudly wears the jewelry she produces. She aims to create a brand that has a special bond with women who want to celebrate their successes and achievements.
Nadina ships explicitly her items to the EU, USA, Canada, and Australia. All the pieces are shipped via Priority Mail, and they are securely packaged.
Many customers are happy about the quality of bracelets that Nadina offers. She is also a professional person to work with, and she listens to the customers’ concerns.  Customers who are not happy with the items they purchase from Nadina Jewelry can return them within two weeks of delivery. However, the maker can remake them if they are custom made since she greatly values customer service.

6. Penny Gase

Penny Gase is the owner and artisan of Ivaldis Dream Trove Jewelry that is in Buckeye, Arizona. She has been in the business of designing and creating jewelry for four years now.

One inspiring thing about Gase is that she does not have professional training for making jewelry. She was just attracted by a bracelet one day, and she thought she too could do it. From that day, she never looked back.
Gase says that there many things that inspire her and she makes her jewelry to represent such items. Some of her jewelry is meant to appeal to the interests of people with different challenges like cancer.

Many customers say that they are pleased with Penny’s services. She is professional, and she displays a high degree of understanding of all customer requests. If you want custom jewelry, Ivaldis Dream Trove can satisfy your wishes.

The maker offers shipping services worldwide, but the only issue is that the refund or return policy is not specified. For more details about these, you can contact Ivaldis Dream Trove Company before you place your order.

7. Vicki Woods

Vicki Woods is the owner of VLW Custom Jewelry located in Glendale, Arizona. This company specializes in creating and designing unique custom jewelry from natural materials like handmade beads, semi-precious stone, copper wire, and, Argentium silver.

VLC Custom Jewelry offers a wide variety of handmade beaded jewelry and the owner of the company crafts each piece by hand. While there are no customer reviews at present, it is a good idea to be the first buyer to comment on. You can place your custom order now.
Vicki Woods ships to all places across the globe and the rates in the USA are $5. It costs $8 to ship to other global destinations, but the prices also depend on the country to which the item is going.  This maker has not specified and refund or return policy so you can contact her directly for more information.

8. Ryan Blan

Ryan Blan is the owner of Desert Boy Rustic Tables based in Safford, Arizona. He specializes in designing and making custom mesquite tables. These tables are made from unique and cured mesquite only.

It seems Ryan Blan has been in this particular business since 2016 and his company is still growing. The uniqueness of the products that he designs and offers can appeal to your interests, and you can place your custom order now.

All orders are designed according to customer specifications, and you have the opportunity to engage with the maker. You choose what you want your product to look like, and you can also suggest the things that you do not want to be included in the final product. The maker seems to be still new in the jewelry industry and has not yet received any customer review.

However, the good news is that Ryan Blan offers shipping services anywhere around the US and rates apply. You can negotiate for a refund or return in case of an inferior product or one damaged during delivery.

9. Ashley Randall

Ashley Randall is the owner of RandallWear located in Phoenix, Arizona. This maker has been in this kind of business since 2013, and his jewelry and wearable accessories are original creations. Apart from making jewelry, Randal also makes gift wrappers from old magazines.

She takes pride in designing beautiful things from waste materials. In other words, she creates value from waste material. Ashley Randal is still new to CustomMade, and she loves to connect with all her customers. One interesting thing about her company is that it is one women entity.
Though she has not yet received any customer reviews under CustomMade, you can click well with her. Ashley lives in the US, but he can ship anywhere around the world. The shipping method is USPS First Class, and it ranges between $3 and $5 in the USA.
However, the maker has not specified the refund or return policies so you can contact her directly if you want more information about these.

10. Kristin Cooper

Kristin Cooper owns Unique Kreations that is in Buckeye, AZ.  She produces original pieces that are also innovative. This maker says that she is inspired by many things such as music, nature as well as the culture in designing and creating her jewelry.

Cooper has been a member of CustomMade since 2013, and to date, she has not yet received customer reviews. However, this does not mean that she is not right in her work of art. You can place your order today, and you will be the first to recommend others to her work. For instance, Copper claims that her work is specifically meant to enhance the beauty of the person wearing it.
She also strives to make her pieces of jewelry affordable so you can place try to work with this promising jeweler. The maker has no specified shipping or refund policies. You can reach her directly if you want to get more information about how she conducts her business with people living in different places both in the US and internationally.

Here Come The Holidays

You have the opportunity to place your order today at any one of the above Arizona jewelers that specialize in designing and selling custom-made jewelry. There are many advantages of customizing your jewelry since it is designed according to your specifications. In case of the quality of jewelry does not meet your standard expectations, you can negotiate with the maker for appropriate changes.

Many dealers have no policies that guarantee refunds or returns, but the good thing is that you closely work together with your designer to make a one of a kind piece. Custom made jewelry can also give you and your loved ones lasting impressions another reason to place your order now.
You can also place your orders online, and the professional designers will keep you posted about the progress. More importantly, custom-made jewelry is unique and of great value compared to other ordinary mass-produced pieces.