Custom Jewelers in Arizona

Visit The Top 10 Ultimate Jewelers In The Metro Phoenix Area

Do you love jewelry and would love to find some of the best jewelers in Metro Phoenix? There are a number of highly recommended jewelers in the Metro Phoenix area that will offer you a variety of sophisticated jewelry to suit your taste. They sell some of the latest jewelry that you can always wear for any occasion.

Below are the top ten best custom jewelry artists in Metro Phoenix.

1. Molina Fine Jewelers

Molina is one of the best jewelers that has an excellent reputation in the city for all the best jewelry. They only sell high quality and valuable pieces of jewelry that will suit your taste and preference.

The jewelry is made from very trusted vendors, hence whenever you visit this shop, you will be sure of finding charming and fashionable jewelry. Get in touch with them today and you will be amazed by their full range of selections.

134 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016, 602.955.2055

2. Schmitt Jewelers

Schmitt is another top-rated jewelry shop that provides very customized pieces of jewelry meant for you. They offer very reliable and convenient services as they have two different locations. They are located in Arcadia and North Central Phoenix. Hence you can always get in touch with them at any given moment. They offer elegant pieces of jewelry as it was founded in 1970, hence have a great experience. Despite being one of the best, they offer pocket-friendly prices on all their jewelry.

4402 E. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018, 602-497-2462

3. Halo

In case you are looking for high quality and casual jewelry, then Halo is one of the shops in the metro Phoenix area that you need to stop at. This is because they offer a wide selection of jewelry at a very friendly price.

For example, you will find very sophisticated belly buttons, ear lobe and nostril jewelry that will make you look very impressive. Besides this, they also offer the best piercing service. They have been operating since 1998, and this implies that they will offer excellent service.

Visit their website to make your online appointment today for fantastic deals, 602-230-0044.


4. Cornelis Hollander

Are you a couple looking forward to getting married? For an amazing engagement, you will need some of the best jewelry that you can find at Cornelis Hollander world-class jewelry shop.

It is one of the stores in Metro Phoenix areas that offers modern aesthetic like earrings, creating signature style rings, bracelets and much more. They will also provide a full range of the latest everyday wear jewelry that you will love. They have been operating since 1984 and offered some best deals in the town. From as little as $75.00, you will get something elegant to suit you.

5. Gauthier Wear Art

Gauthier is one of the best jewelry artists in Scottsdale known for his excellent work. This, therefore, implies that in case you need to find something unique, then you can always stop by, and you will be amazed by the excellent and spectacular jewelry.

He is known for acquiring high-quality material for his jewelry like the natural alexandrites, star sapphires, and canary diamond among others. Through this, he will be able to design you a classic jewelry that you will love.

He also provides very eye-catching and stylish designs that you don’t want to miss. Visit them at Santa Barbara and Scottsdale today for fantastic deals. His prices are relatively cheap and affordable, hence the perfect place for all your latest jewelry.

6. Against The Grain

This is another reputable jewelry artist based in Tempe known for handed designs. Besides this, she is also known for selling only original jewelry that will steer clear of the beaten path.

This is the only place that you will be able to find high-quality, earthly pieces featuring the turquoise beads, metal bangles, and subtle inscriptions that you will love. Why miss out on this world-class jewelry? Get in touch with them for modish jewelry.

7. Mother Of Gideon

Do you love the high quality and beautiful jewelry made from repurposed materials and ethically sourced stones? In case you need something unique, then this is the place to be. This is because this world-class jewelry line created by Seth Fainkujen and Charis Elliott will offer you classic design that you will find surprising.

They have a broad range of collections that you can always choose from. Hence this is the ultimate shop for all the latest and modish jewelry. Despite their high-quality jewelry, they offer relatively low and affordable prices. Get in touch with them today and you will love their jewelry.

8. Robert C. Wesley Jewelers

After being in this business since 1910, the Robert C. Wesley Jewelers have got the knowledge of what all their clients need. Therefore, implies that in case you wish to find high-quality and elegant jewelry, you just need to visit their shop today, and you will be amazed by the wide selection.

They are located at 7088 East Fifth Avenue. At their shop, you can either choose to shop at the boutique for women’s designer jewelry fashions or the Rolex shop. They have some of the best Jewelry artists like Marco Bicego, A. Jaffe, and Natalie K. They will also offer custom made necklaces and earrings that you will love wearing. They also offer pocket-friendly prices that will allow you to shop widely.

9. Addison Taylor

Are you looking for something unique and spectacular? In case you wish to find high-quality jewelry, then book an appointment with Addison Taylor today.

This shop is managed by professional jewelry artists, Scott Berger and his wife, Marla. They will offer you a step-by-step design with all their clients, and this implies that it will be designed to suit your taste.

Besides this, they also use high-quality material in their design. They are located in the Camelback Tower, 6900 East Camelback Road on the sixth floor. They stock elegant jewelry like diamond crosses, hearts, and skills. They also share the 19070 Shovel Head Harley among others that you will love.

10. Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith custom jeweler is another beautiful jewelry artist that has brought designer jewelry, his signature design, and timepieces that you don’t want to miss. They have been operating since 1981, and this means that you will find a broad range of diamond earrings charms that will mix and match their diamond hoops.

Their high-quality attractions include the starbursts, hearts and fleur de lies among others. They also offer pocket-friendly prices on all their jewelry.

These are some of the top-rated jewelers that you will find providing a broad range of selection for all your jewelry needs. They will design to your taste and preference. Give them a visit for spectacular jewelry and fantastic deals.