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Everyone knows that “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend!” Nonetheless, this is not to say that the rest of the precious stones do not wow her very imagination.  Simply put it, you need it, the Arizona jewelers got it!  From engagement and wedding rings to one-of-a-kind pendants, to impeccable watches and gauges, the Valley of the Sun, is not short of its fair share of sparkle.

Whether you are looking to surprise someone with a worthwhile gift or looking to give yourself a treat with a special piece that perfectly complements your wardrobe, budget, and even lifestyle.

Listed below are 11 popular, known, and respected Arizona jewelers you need to pay a visit to.

1. Schmitt Jewelers

Every moment is unique but only a few last a lifetime. Make your one among those few with carefully curated and hand-crafted jewelry courtesy of Schmitt Jewelers. Each piece is crafted to not only set you apart but also complete what is necessarily a perfect look.

Schmitt Jewelers is your justified stop for customized pieces. Located at 4402 East Camelback Road, this outdated personal which started operations back in 1970, Schmitt offers exceptionally beautiful custom pieces that have been articulately designed in their in-house studio.

You will instantly identify with their underlying simple yet effective philosophy of passion-where they help create unforgettable memories. Whether you are marking an anniversary, cementing your union, or simply looking to recreate a moment, then you know why they are your perfect choice.

2. Cornelis Hollander Designs Inc

If you have not been to Old Town Scottsdale, then you surely are missing out. Aside from its stupendously breathtaking scenery, it is a top spot jewelry destination particularly for engaged couples looking to make it official. No better way to complete an engagement tour than taking the time to visit the Cornelis Hollander.

Hollander has been crafting signature-style rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants since 1984. It is impossible to miss their pieces which feature a modern aesthetic design with large geometrical shapes.

What’s more aside from offering exceptionally exquisite rings, Hollander also provides custom designs. More often than not, they cater to clients who bring forth their outdated personal jewelry or special gems to refine them into a fancier and modern look. And if you are concerned about their accessibility, they also offer custom designs for individuals residing out of Arizona.

Hollander functions with an old-style philosophy of honesty, trustworthiness, and hard work. As such, they rely not on typical high-pressure methods but instead stick to the ancient history of beautiful designs and modest artistry which markets itself.

Experience and old-style training together with contemporary innovations define Cornelis Hollander as a jewelry artist with distinction. His commitment to excellence, unwavering passion for beauty, and exceptional vision promise nothing but a future packed with graceful, wearable art in motion. For inquiries and further information, visit

3. Coffin & Trout Fine Jewelers

If you are looking for timeless and fresh jewelry designs, then this is your best option. Established back in 1984 by two partners, David Trout and Randy Coffin, Coffin & Trout is a living testament to the dedication to honor and value. Its operations are centered on several basic yet essential factors.

Create unique, well-crafted, and beautiful jewelry and offer these designs at a reasonable value while maintaining remarkable customer service. From this simple philosophy, we have what has now become one of the finest jewelers both in Arizona and across the US.

Aside from these amazing values, Coffin & Trout has gained popularity for impeccable quality, innovative design not to mention unconditional trust. They are award-winning jewelers with their jewelry bagging awards both nationally and internationally for their exceptional design.

You can even visit them at their office in Chandler, Arizona, or contact them through their hotline 480-763-1300 for more information.

4. Krikawa Jewelry Designs

For any person who has had the pleasure of being part of the engagement, the feeling is surreal. And what better way to cement this beautiful occasion with a priceless gem from the finest jewelers in Arizona.

Krikawa is an award-winning Arizona-based jewelry design house that creates exceptional, custom wedding and engagement rings. They boast a precision design studio where they create custom jewelry not to mention fitting gemstones for wedding and engagement rings.

What’s more, they also offer unique gifts including knives, artisan jewelry, corporate jewelry, custom-made fine jewelry, just to mention but a few. And if this is not impressive enough, they are also an active RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) member who upholds every standard and practice.

Their studio is a multiple award winner boasting over 20 design awards such as the 2013 and 2014 Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Awards.

But why go for Krikawa?

First and foremost, they are home to world-class designs. They offer exceptionally designed rings that are not only aesthetically appealing from every angle but also structured to last for ages. What’s more, they employ cutting-edge technology such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design), lasers, microscopes, and 3D technology. Finally, Krikawa Jewelers operate on old-world craftsmanship which ensures that your ring will be crafted only by the finest of jewelers.

5. Burland Jewelry Center

Elegance, beauty, and sophistication are three words to define what Burland represents. Burland Jewelry Center is a family-owned, third-generation business. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, they have a combined experience in the industry spanning over 194 years. The jeweler is an expert in efficiently servicing all appraisals together with all precious metal needs.

Burland exhibits an ability to combine friendly services, experience, the latest technology, and multiple industry certifications to offer optimal satisfaction.

Their popularity has steadily grown majorly because of their impeccable customer service and adherence to quality standards and ethics. In fact, they are part of a select group of shops that offer expert advice and services in a family/ pet-friendly environment.

Burland offers a unique inventory that includes Wedding, Engagement, and exceptional custom-designed diamond specialty rings.

6. Molina Jewelers

If you are looking to make a major statement (and perhaps a massive dent in your savings), then you need not be anywhere else if not Molina Jewelers. This Phoenix, Arizona-based jeweler has forged repute for selling high-value pieces. Just recently, they hit the headlines when they sold a rare red diamond (one carat) for an awe-inspiring $3 million.

Established in 1987, Molina Jewelers has slowly climbed up the ranks to become a symbol of excellence in the industry. Molina has effectively combined formal education with unique knowledge (passed down through the generations) to establish himself as among the most prominent gemologists globally with an unmatched status among discriminating experts across the globe.

At Molina, you are not only exposed to splendid jewelry, but also to an assortment of wide-ranging services to cater to your unique jewelry needs including jewelry appraisals, timepiece repair and maintenance, and jewelry repair.

7. Oliver Smith Jewelers

Arizona is home to a host of jewelry artists, but in case you don’t get that what pleases your eyes and touches your heart as it should be, take a relatively short drive and head towards Oliver Smith right at Gainey Village. Since 1981, Oliver Smith has been the source of exceptional timepieces, designer jewelry, and signature designs. As the main designer, Oliver Smith-who is also the store owner is the benchmark for precisely how an elegant store ought to look with his remarkable designs, top-quality ethical standards and craftsmanship, and competitive pricing.

Here, you are exposed to the exclusive Oliver Smith Collection with designs ranging from classic to contemporary styles. What’s more, aside from designing and crafting their line, they are also experts in custom work including wedding and engagement rings, earring charms, hoops, not to mention creating long-standing jewelry pieces.

Finally, they also represent other fine designer timepieces and jewelry collections including Hublot, Chopard, Buccellati, IWC, Hermes, Panerai, Richard Mille, and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

8. Addison Taylor

Custom is everything as you will discover at Addison Taylor. Scott Berger, the Designer, and Marla, his wife, have set out to give you the serenity and contentment only a unique gem can promise. They see clients only by appointment, and you can as such be sure of exceptional customer service.

Addison Taylor features a private gallery at Camelback Tower on the sixth floor where you are welcomed by a 1970 exclusive Shovel Head Harley and heavily ornamented pendants designed for different charity events. What’s more, the gallery also features ready-to-purchase jewelry and watches, most of which exude a somewhat rock star ambiance: think hearts, skulls, and crosses.

Nowhere else will you come across a package comprising step-by-step customer involvement in the design process, exclusive privacy with their private gallery, not to mention their comprehensive wholesale pricing. No wonder they are the first choice of many celebrity figures including Alice Cooper (local rocker), Playboy playmates, and even athletes.

9. Mother of Gideon

A gift can speak volumes, which is why with the right one, a moment can last a lifetime. Mother of Gideon located at the Union, Baltimore Park, perfectly understands this which is why since its inception, the store has consistently produced quality custom pieces for the delight of their clients.

Established by Seth Fainkujen and Charis Elliot, the Mother of Gideon jewelry line is particularly popular for its exceptional ability to utilize repurposed materials and ethically sourced stones to produce an awe-inspiring, unique crop of signature style accessories. The pieces which are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, are as stunning as they are bold with elaborately carved bands, big geometrical stones, not to forget a general presentation that is as rugged as it is refined.

What’s more, because all their jewelry is personally hand-crafted by Fainkujen and Elliot, they are also able to produce customized pieces that ideally fit and complement their client’s look, personality, and style.

10. Jewelry by Gauthier

Adorning a piece of Jewelry by Gauthier can only be compared to rocking rare works of art. While finding a typically pretty and shiny precious stone is not any difficult, Scott Gauthier goes to great lengths to acquire erratic gems such as canary diamonds, star sapphires, and natural alexandrites which he transforms into unique designs which are not only contemporary but also attention-grabbing. These hand-crafted pieces can be found at their Santa Barbara and Scottsdale locations.

With over two decades of experience, it is easy to see why Gauthier has risen to become among the most recognized and revered fine jewelry artists around. As earlier mentioned Gauthier’s unparalleled work centers on a modern and clean aesthetic, bejeweled with rare and precious gemstones.

What’s more, they offer unique pieces which are recognized across the globe for their trademark characteristic of blending artistic balance and geometric shapes. Finally, Jewelry by Gauthier affords its clients the chance to interact with their pieces every December where the designer unveils his yearly collection.

11. Tal Barkel Designs

Irresistibly true, irresistibly yours is how to describe best what Tal Barkel represents. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Barkel is a fine jewelry designer who specializes in broad-ranging pieces including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

The jeweler brings in vast knowledge and experience from a career in the industry spanning over two decades with the dream of starting off in New York and ultimately maturing in Arizona.

Every luxurious piece they offer is meticulously designed by the designer and subsequently handcrafted with stones of unrivaled quality. Tal produces master-piece designs, each with its ambiance and truth to narrate.

What’s more, his popularity has quickly risen due to his ability to not only involve his clients in the process of design, but also his availability where you can make appointments and view his pieces at the location of your choice.

Final Thoughts

Why go to great lengths just for a piece you would easily purchase online or at a store near you?  Simple, you want something that not only makes a statement but one that lasts a lifetime!

Make your moments and memories count by purchasing an exceptional piece from any of the Arizona jewelers that not only perfectly captures your personality and complements your look, but also represents everything you stand for with every little detail drawn from your specifications.

Next time you are in the market for a gift, or simply need to have a worthwhile treat, be sure to check out these top ten Arizona jewelers and be ready to be wowed!