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Native American Jewelry Shopping At Garland’s, Sedona AZ

Native American Artistry

Garland’s, their name may sound misleading, but inside the store, jewelry shoppers will find Native American artisan pieces, not Asian jewelry.  Garland’s sells jewelry and other unique artwork from talented Native American artists. The craftsmanship of the pieces is a testament to the time-honored native work ethic.

Attention to detail, originality, and skill reflect the traditions of the artists. Santo Domingo, Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo tribal style pieces are formed in the hands of the artists and are now on display. Garland’s has been open since 1985.

Jewelry Shopping at Garland’s

Inside the building, those who love jewelry shopping will not be disappointed. The selection of jewelry is huge! Garland’s carries necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. They have the classic staples of Southwestern jewelry.

While jewelry shopping, customers will find squash blossom necklaces, sterling silver bracelets, turquoise rings, and more. The artists use a variety of colorful gemstones in their accessories. They also utilize other natural elements in their handiwork.

Shoppers love their mussel shell, pearl, oyster shell oceanic accessories. They also have the latest in native designs as well as older styles. They have old pawn jewelry from the 1930s and 40s and vintage pieces from the 1970s.

Garland's Native American shopping

Kachina Doll Shopping

Some Native American inspired art stores only have standard accessories, pottery, and painting. Though there’s nothing wrong with carrying the basics, a part of indigenous culture often goes ignored. Kachina dolls represent the spiritual beliefs of the Hopi people.

This wooden art is a depiction of their deities that are believed to visit their human worshippers during traditional ceremonies. All the dolls are carved from cottonwood tree roots. This is significant because the Hopi people live in the desert.

Part of their survival was always dependent on their success in finding water. Just as they searched for water, so do the roots of the cottonwood tree, growing long and deep. The Kachina dolls sold at Garland’s are highly detailed and are usually pose dancing or flying.

Basket Shopping

Weaved baskets are a commonality among every native people of the Americas. For thousands of years, native tribes used baskets in irrigation and storage. Today the Navajo still employ baskets in their marriage ceremonies.

Though the other tribes no longer use baskets in their everyday lives, they are still important. The entrancingly weaved baskets are an expression of art. They are a way of honoring old traditions. Today’s artists use materials from sumac, willow, and bear grass to complete their masterpieces. Garland’s has a wide selection of baskets including, coiled, twined, and plaited colorful styles.

Pottery Shopping

In addition to superb native basketry, doll, and jewelry shopping they have pottery. Pueblo pottery is never made by using a pottery wheel. Many artists paint their handiwork by making their paint from colorful plants.

Customers are always surprised to see the symmetry and time put into each piece of pottery. Any of the pottery styles sold at Garland’s make great home decor. Cacti and desert plants look very stylish in Pueblo pots!

For fantastic Southwestern jewelry shopping from native artists, visit Garland’s at 3953 North State Route 89A Sedona, Arizona 86336

Garland’s Indian Jewelry
Oak Creek Canyon
(928) 282-6632
Hours: 10 am-5 pm, Tues-Sat


Garland’s Navajo Rugs
Sedona Gallery District
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Hours: 10 am-5 pm, Daily