Living in Sedona Arizona

Living In Sedona -It Has Something For Everyone

What It’s Like To Be Living In Sedona?

Sedona is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Located just south of the Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, this metropolis offers a unique lifestyle to its residents. Living in Sedona feels outdoorsy, spiritual, and comfy at the same time.

History Of Sedona

The first settlers living in Sedona were farmers. Growing fruits in their apple and peach orchards, they carried their crops to neighboring cities to be sold. It was a dirty place that ultimately reflected an old Western feel.

The outside can quickly become inside in the desert environment. When times changed and a broom swapped for a vacuum cleaner, so did the economy. No longer would the inhabitants of Sedona be solely farmers, the movies had come to town. The Angel and the Badman and Call of the Canyon were filmed with the red rock boulders in the background.

It was the perfect place for Western flicks, but again time progressed. Western movies lost their popularity and Sedona became a haven for artists. All three industries still have a presence there today to some degree.

Economy Meets Ecology

During the summer months, those living in Sedona have two farmer’s markets that they can visit. Both stay busy providing fresh produce to hungry customers. Now the film industry in Sedona is different too. Independent films are still shot there quite regularly, but as we all know Hollywood is the main movie spot.

The black and white pictures of old haven’t been forgotten, though. Tourists come from all over the United States to scope out the home of the classic cowboy movies. Artists are also a big reason why locals get so much business from outside communities. So many fascinating painters, sculptors, and musicians form a tight-knit community in Sedona. Another hot spot tourist love to visit is uptown Sedona. There, beautiful art galleries abound showcasing original artwork with unique points of view.

The New Wave

Things that have changed significantly in Sedona include their dependence on tourism. Each year locals living in Sedona can expect to see visitors in the millions. Typically tourists in huge numbers (around four million annually) come to town for the shopping, site-seeing, and the spiritual atmosphere. Locals hike the trails around the canyons. Guests take tours in jeeps and hummers.

The New Age movement has drawn in many tourists who are looking for a spiritual awakening. Some who feel they have experienced it first hand chooses to stay. Living in Sedona provides them the chance to connect with others with similar spiritual beliefs and practices.

The use of vortexes (medicine wheels) is very popular in Sedona. Visitors can get a picture taken of their aura. Some of the spiritualists living in Sedona believe the radiant energy emitted by your body correlates with your spiritual well-being.

Spas in Sedona are also geared towards inner and outer preservation. An energy-balancing massage is offered at many spas. Reiki healing is a common practice too. Masters of Reiki will perform an energy attunement on their clients. Without physically touching them, the Reiki healer will work to remove bad energy and restore the flow of good energy to its customers.

Those living in Sedona have a reputation for acceptance when it comes to other’s religious beliefs. People can practice any religion without being looked down on or feeling pressure to convert to something else. On any given day, you’ll see friends of different backgrounds and beliefs having an excellent meal. Residents can meditate when and wherever they feel like they need a moment to reflect. The environment is very open.

West Sedona

Most full-time residents of Sedona live on the west end. Although no age group is looked down on, the average age of most Sedona citizens is around fifty. The weather is sunny almost year-round, and the air is crisp, never humid. With that said, it is a desert. It’s very hot in the summer and dusty all the time.

If you live there, you will need a good vacuum cleaner because you’ll be using it almost daily to keep your floors free of dirt particles. It’s nearly impossible to go in and out of the house two or three times and not need to break out the vacuum cleaner again to re-clean the rugs.

This dry weather does come with a bonus, less seasonal allergies. Pollen can bind to tiny water particles in the air, but the humidity in Sedona is very little. This means the pollen has nothing to stick to, so it won’t make it to the sinuses so quickly. People with breathing problems often see relief from some of their symptoms after moving to Sedona.

Sedona living is an oasis for those who wish to live a free, coexisting lifestyle surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty!