Living in Sedona Arizona

Sedona The Place To Live Out Your Retirement Golden Years

If you love the outdoors, you will enjoy retirement living in Sedona, AZ. There is so much natural beauty all around you in Sedona. There the atmosphere is dry but can get very hot! Besides the usual things you would imagine needing while living there, you’ll also need to consider a portable air conditioners.

Staying Cool For Less

Portable air conditioners aren’t just handy while staying at a campsite or in an RV. They can be moved to any part of your home where windows let in a lot of light and heat. The excess sun rays can make a sunroom feel more like an oven during summertime.

While you sit on your porch or sunroom enjoying a cold drink, portable air conditioners can be taken with you. That can even help you cut down on your electric bill since you won’t need to run your central AC.


Reasons Sedona, AZ Is The Place For Retirement Living

Social Security Friendly

Arizona has long been a favored residential state among retirees. Not only is the weather typically sunny and bright, but Sedona living is also cost-effective too. Making ends meet off social security alone can require some financial savvy. Almost half the states in the lower forty-eight tax social security, but Arizona is not one of them.

Affordable Housing

Arizona housing is known for being remarkably inexpensive. The median home value is around one hundred eighty thousand dollars. Since you would have cooling costs reduced by utilizing portable air conditioners in the summer, your air needs will be taken care of.

The average high during the Winter months is in the mid-fifties, even in January! Heating bills should be very small, which adds to the cost savings of desert living.

restaurants in Sedona make retirement living great

Natural Beauty All-Around

Not far from Sedona, the Grand Canyon can be toured daily. One of the seven wonders of the natural world is just a car ride away for people living in Sedona.

The Colorado River runs straight through the Grand Canyon and is a fantastic place to fish.

Hikers also enjoy walking alongside the riverbanks. A year-long pass to the Grand Canyon National Park is a smart buy for retirees living in Sedona. They can have unlimited annual access for only sixty dollars.

Check out waterfall during retirement living in Sedona, AZ

Red Rock State Park is even closer to Sedona residents. Every morning there’s a guided tour to go on. Those who want time on their own can opt for a self-guided tour. Bird watchers can join a group of beginners and expert birders for a fun tour.

Many species inhabit the Red Rock State Park, which is why the Audubon Society deemed it an “Important Birding Area.” It’s seven dollars for adults to enter the park and kids under the age of six can visit for free.

As a retiree it is a great place to take grandchildren for a day of fun in the sun. Always remember to apply sunscreen and bring drinking water!

retirement living in Sedona, AZ

Some of the best golfing in the US can be had in Sedona, Arizona. There the Oakcreek Country Club is situated on lush greens with red rock mountains in the backdrop. Ranked as one of the best values in golfing in the state, it’s easy to see why seniors love golfing and retirement living in Sedona.

Rich Cuisine

Retirement living in Sedona will give you unique menu choices you won’t find anywhere else.

Mesquite Honey

Raw honey has been shown to have numerous health benefits. The flowers that bloom on the Sedona Mesquite trees are the delicacy of choice for the Southwest honeybee. The bees convert the ambrosial nectar into delicately sweet honey with its distinctive flavor.

Prickly Pear Margaritas

It is against the law to harvest the prickly pears from cacti on state land in Arizona. Restaurant connoisseurs must have access to privately-owned plants to make this delicious beverage. The fruit has to be removed with long tongs, then soaked in water before a trained chef removes the spikes.

Then the prickly pears are cut in half, blended, and strained. Add tequila, sugar, and lime juice and the prickly pear margarita is ready for a thirsty adult. The famous Arizona cactus jelly is made from the same fruit.

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Probably the most popular Arizona treat is the Sonoran hot dog. Originally from Tucson, this culinary delight features a wiener wrapped in bacon smothered in chopped tomatoes. Add pinto beans, jalapeños, onions, mustard, and mayo to a soft white bun and you’re in for a junk food favorite.

Medical Savings

Studies have proven that citizens who live in a desert environment like Sedona have fewer problems with breathing. The air is very dry, so pollen molecules can’t cling to tiny droplets of water in the air. This lack of humidity means less allergic reactions for those with outdoor sensitivities.

 No more paying for over the counter allergy pills!  You also won’t be going to the doctor as much for sinus infections. Usually, allergies are the primary factor in developing sinusitis.

Always Something Fun To Do In Arizona

Retirement living in Sedona has plenty to offer its residents, but they won’t want to spend all their time there. The entire state of Arizona is teeming with fun activities that are just a car ride away.

Prescott, Arizona

In Prescott, the World’s Oldest Rodeo is still going strong. The first-ever “Cowboy Tournament” was held on July fourth, 1888. Twenty-seven thousand spectators come to see the grand event in July each year, so it’s a big money-maker for Arizona communities.

Scottsdale, Arizona

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse show began in 1955 and today has evolved into a world-class event. Two thousand of the world’s finest Arabian horses are brought to the horse show. Horse trainers, owners, and breeders go there to compete in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. Three hundred vendors come to promote their feed, training, and horse supplies on the days the main events are held. Guest speakers hold seminars and the demonstrations are always entertaining to watch as well.

Scottsdale is also home to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. Every year thirty-five thousand guests attend to try new, exciting foods from around America. This six-day food fest promises excellent wines, good beer, and appearances from an array of famous chefs.