Living in Sedona Arizona

We Have A Famous Chef Among Us In Sedona, AZ

If you live in Sedona and love eating out, you are lucky to have a renowned chef in your area. This famous Sedona chef is none other than Lisa Dahl, and she is reputable for making a variety of memorable dishes. You will undoubtedly fall in love with her grilled dishes and burgers that feature on the menus at her restaurants.

Chef Lisa Dahl is a proud owner as well as the executive chef of Dahl Restaurant Group. The restaurant group consists of four Sedona restaurants in Northern Arizona namely: Cucina Rustica, Mariposa Latin Inspired GrillPisa Lisa, and Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano.

She is the pioneer of the culinary scene and was the first to introduce the concept of fine dining in Sedona, Arizona in the late 1990s. Sedona is a small town, and Lisa is the largest restaurateur around the place. She boasts of a variety of accolades in the culinary sector.

Since the inception of her restaurant business, Lisa has been expanding her restaurant concepts offering a variety of burgers. She offers lovely wood-fired burgers, and her restaurant group proudly receives more than 350, 000 guests per year.

How She Ventured Into Restaurant Business

Lisa Dahl’s success story is bitter-sweet since tragedy drove her into the restaurant business. Lisa spent her career in the fashion business selling a variety of fashion footwear to different department stores. She earned a good living from her career, but she always cherished the idea of having a restaurant with her son.

The other thing is that Lisa was also a good cook. However, as fate would have it, her son Justin was murdered, and the incident marked a turning point in her life. She could no longer cope with her fashion job and could not bear to stay in the same area after the tragedy.

She decided to move to Sedona, a place believed by many to have healing powers. After a year in Sedona, Lisa identified a location and decided to open an Italian restaurant, Dahl & DiLuca. Together with her boyfriend who was also a professional chef, they combined their talents to open their first restaurant.

About twenty years after the inception of Dahl & DiLuca, the restaurant is one of the country’s leading female restaurateurs. Lisa is the pioneer of the culinary industry in Sedona, and she also introduced the concept of fine dining in the late 1990s.

Sedona recently emerged as the nation’s “foodie destination” owing to the resounding success of Dahl & DiLuca. The restaurant is now the largest restaurant group in the area, and it continues to win accolades in the culinary scene. Other restaurants she owns continue to impress, and they are also growing by the day.

Introducing Sedona Chef Lisa Dahl

Lisa Dahl’s Source Of Inspiration

After the success of the first venture, Lisa Dahl went on to open a total of four restaurants which are a big success. Lisa believes that Justin is the reason why she is in the restaurant business though he could not be part of it. She also believes that her late son guides her when cooking and creating new things.

Justin continues to heal Lisa, and she says when she prepares her dishes, she does it with her soul. For instance, Dahl says she gets inspiration from her mantra: “When you cook with love, you feed the soul.” She always aims higher, and her dishes appeal to the interests of many people.

Dahl also states that she discovered the healing power of soups during her early days in the restaurant business. She believes that soup has a soothing effect and it also stimulates appetite among different people. If you do not have the appetite to eat, soup can heal you, and this is one of her secrets to success.

After experiencing a lung infection, Dahl proudly says that this was when she discovered the healing powers of soup. For example, Sopa diJustino is her favorite, and she named it after her son. The soup has excellent healing properties, and it is also a great appetizer.

Business Is Booming

Sedona Chef Dahl is a grill master, and she has multiple wins from prestigious competitions like the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. The competition is an annual event under the banner Burger Battle, and she also won the Judge’s Choice Award in 2018 for her Funhi Sublime. The award earned her a ticket to proceed to the World Food Champions.

While Dahl’s restaurants offer similar menus, Pisa Lisa has additional features. It offers wood-fired pizzas, tapas, organic salads as well as homemade gelato. These are customized to suit an environment that reflects Dahl’s great love for Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Dahl’s restaurants are also a reflection of amazing design thanks to the great work of Michael Rumpeltin, the great restaurant designer. Dahl’s restaurants are spacious, and they have attractive designs that also help to attract many customers.

The décor of each restaurant has a story to tell to all the visitors. Each restaurant is romantic, and it has a personality. People going through difficult times can find comfort when they visit each restaurant. The walls are gentle, and they also consist of Venetian plaster.

On top of these achievements, Dahl has plans to expand to other areas of the state or across the country. Her newest restaurant that is currently under construction will be Butterfly Burger and is now open DAILY for dine-in and curbside pickup!.

She has also launched an ambitious Project Soup Hope in her restaurants.  The project aims to raise money for hurricane relief in places that are prone to hurricanes.

Under the scheme, 50% of all soup sales go to contributions, and they have since donated about $20, 000 to the World Central Kitchen.

Other Achievements

In May 2018, Sedona Chef Lisa Dahl participated in the famous Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay” where she encountered the “Grill Me” episode. She also got the opportunity to come face to face with Bobby Flay, the celebrity chef. The prestigious competition is testimony that Lisa is a force to reckon with in the restaurant industry.

The Food Network show is widely popular, and it aims to scout for top chefs from different parts across the country. The participants battle it out by preparing a fantastic dish using a secret ingredient. The show is for the giants in the industry and Lisa’s presence bears testimony that she is a big name.