Living in Sedona Arizona

What You Should Know About Living In Sedona, AZ

This comprehensive guide intends to highlight a few reasons people are living in Sedona, AZ. Sedona was ranked 2nd among The Best Places To Visit listed in the US News Travel section and US News called Sedona one of the most beautiful places. With the magnificent sandstone formations, there is no doubt that Sedona is a beautiful city to live in.

Located in the core of Arizona, Sedona is surrounded by majestic nature scapes. It’s at an altitude of 4,500 feet in the high desert of Arizona.

This guide will go over a variety of facets of life in Sedona, such as restaurant areas, education systems, and amenities. If you are currently thinking of a move to Sedona, you might want to keep reading! (more…)

Custom Jewelers in Arizona

Listing Of 17 Custom Jewelers In The Phoenix Area

Reach out to one of the custom jewelers in the Phoenix area to help you with the process.  Creating custom jewelry is the best way to craft an elegant piece of jewelry while integrating individuality and personality into the plan.

There are several ways to customize jewelry, from accessible selections to entirely unique designs, and knowing how to make a gorgeous design can allow you to decide on the best custom piece for you.

What Is Customization?

Customizing jewelry means making alterations to jewelry. There are two ways to make a custom piece:

  1. Alter an existing piece of jewelry.
  2. Create a piece of jewelry from scratch with the support of an independent designer. (more…)
Arizona Artists

Near-Death Experience Has Transformed This Arizona Artist

There is an electric metal door that welcomes visitors to Patrick Carey’s small silversmithing and lapidary studio attached to his house. And Carey, now a great Arizona artist, was down on his luck, as one rock and roll singer called it, mother died several months ago after he cared for her during the final days, and her small house near Swan and 22nd Street got repossessed. Not a cent to his name, $600 in the hole.

As torrential rain pours and the humid air and odor of oil-streaked roads and creosote saturate the ground. It is Tucson’s lightning storm within a moment that may shift life forever, physically, or spiritually. Or your teeth may sizzle from your mind. It comes on if you want it or not.


Arizona Jewelry Shopping Tips

9 Tips For Buying Jewelry For Your Next Gift Worry Free

One of every three girls is requesting jewelry for birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays, and one in five gift-givers will be purchasing it, according to the National Retail Federation. We guess that means somebody is going to be disappointed — but as you are reading this, it is not going to be your gal.

But buying jewelry — such as diamonds can be a complicated procedure for the uninformed. There are many possibilities, so many zeroes on the price tags, and limited time.


Living in Sedona Arizona

We Have A Famous Chef Among Us In Sedona, AZ

If you live in Sedona and love eating out, you are lucky to have a renowned chef in your area. This famous Sedona chef is none other than Lisa Dahl, and she is reputable for making a variety of memorable dishes. You will undoubtedly fall in love with her grilled dishes and burgers that feature on the menus at her restaurants.

Chef Lisa Dahl is a proud owner as well as the executive chef of Dahl Restaurant Group. The restaurant group consists of four Sedona restaurants in Northern Arizona namely: Cucina Rustica, Mariposa Latin Inspired GrillPisa Lisa, and Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano.


Custom Jewelers in Arizona

10 Custom Jewelry Makers And Stores in Arizona, US

Different pieces of jewelry particularly engagement rings are usually small but valuable. You can customize the jewelry you want to buy to suit your needs thanks to jewelers in Arizona. 

All you need to do is to visit any of the jewelers that offer such specialist services. If you are interested in customizing jewelry, then this guide gives you details about reputable jewelers who provide such services.


Arizona Artists

Local Arizona Jewelers, Jewelry Creators, True Artists!

Everyone knows that “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend!” Nonetheless, this is not to say that the rest of the precious stones do not wow her very imagination.  Simply put it, you need it, the Arizona jewelers got it!  From engagement and wedding rings to one-of-a-kind pendants, to impeccable watches and gauges, the Valley of the Sun, is not short of its fair share of sparkle.

Whether you are looking to surprise someone with a worthwhile gift or looking to give yourself a treat with a special piece that perfectly complements your wardrobe, budget, and even lifestyle.


Arizona Jewelry Shopping Tips

Read This Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Once a man has found his everlasting love, the next step is putting a ring on the finger.  For soon-to-be-engaged men or women living in Arizona or the surrounding states, these engagement ring shopping tips will be useful. 

If he wants to be super romantic, the proposal will need to be a complete surprise.  That includes planning the location, preparing his speech, and of course buying the ring.


Living in Sedona Arizona

Living In Sedona -It Has Something For Everyone

What It’s Like To Be Living In Sedona?

Sedona is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Located just south of the Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, this metropolis offers a unique lifestyle to its residents. Living in Sedona feels outdoorsy, spiritual, and comfy at the same time.

History Of Sedona

The first settlers living in Sedona were farmers. Growing fruits in their apple and peach orchards, they carried their crops to neighboring cities to be sold. It was a dirty place that ultimately reflected an old Western feel.


Custom Jewelers in Arizona

Custom Jewelry Stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, And Sedona, AZ

Fashionistas love to flaunt their signature styles. In this directory of custom jewelry stores, you’ll be able to find a listing of the right stores that offer custom designs in Scottsdale, Sedona, and Phoenix metro areas.

Jewelry Stores in Scottsdale

Farrar Jewelers

One of the most well-respected custom jewelers in Arizona is a family run a small business in Scottsdale. Farrar Jewelers have been serving fine jewelry lovers for over forty years.  Their one of a kind custom creation routine keeps the client involved every step of the way.

Clients appreciate their quality of customer service. They strive to incorporate integrity, honesty, and affordability into their business model.

Farrar Jewelers is located at 13802 N. Scottsdale Suite 164 Scottsdale, AZ 85254.


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